12 Rat Traps

EZ Clean Rodent Station

(No bait included)

12 Easy Set Rat Traps

1 Gopher Hawk Trap and Probe

(Gopher Trap)

5 packs of Glue Boards

12 Jawz Rat Traps

Havahart Trap (Small Size)

Best Used For: Chipmunks, Rabbits, Rats, Squirrels, and Weasels

$95.00 online special

One-Time Exterior Service only

Covered pest are Argentine Ants, Spiders, Earwigs, Silverfish and Pillbugs


Some of the products we sell may require special licensing or registration of the user with that user's country, state, county or city.  We sell our products throughout the country and it is not possible to know every licensing constraint or product registration required for every country, state, county or city.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or the end user to provide a license, permit or registration if requested by those purchasers’ local or state authorities.

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